New Music, New Artwork.

Dear friends!

We’re glad to finally provide you with a proper update! We’ve uploaded two new songs entitled „Headwind“ and „These Open Eyes Are Still In Denial“ to our Bandcamp page as well as any other internet music platform we could think of. Check out the songs in the player to the right.

This is what the record is going to look like:

The album will be released on September 2nd 2011, which is as well going to be the first show of the tour. You can check out the „Shows“ section for detailed info.

Come out and dance with us!


Cause products have always bred fashion and the fashionable. The kind of people who’d say „advertising’s the only real art form these days“ when an actual human being would say „that shit just gets in my way“.

The show last night was a lot of fun. Bangers blew me away and so does their new record Small Pleasures. You should get it too.

Here and here are some pictures of the show. Thanks to Daniel and Robert!

Regarding our band, the tour in September is slowly taking shape but we’re still in need of a couple of shows, especially UK dates. Please get in touch if you want to help out in any kind of way! or

Fr 2.9. -AT- Salzburg | Rockhouse Bar
Sa 3.9. – NL- Heerlen | café bluff w/The Liberation Service
Mo 5.9. -UK- NEED HELP!
Di 6.9. -UK- Bristol | The Croft
Mi 7.9. -UK- Norwich | Marquee
Do 8.9. -UK- Edinburgh | The Banshee Labyrinth w/shields up!
Fr 9.9. -UK- Macclesfield | The Swan with two necks w/shields up!
Sa 10.9. -UK- NEED HELP! w/shields up!
So 11.9.  -UK- NEED HELP! South-UK
Mo 12.9. -FR- Le Havre | Mac Daid’s w/the living daylights
Di 13.9. -NL- Heemskerk | Cafe Lokaal w/Sweet Empire
Mi 14.9. -NL- Eindhoven | Cafe Aloys w/Sweet Empire
Do 15.9. -NL/DE- NEED HELP! w/Sweet Empire
Fr. 16.9. -D- Regensburg | Alte Mälzerei – w/Nothington
Sa. 17.9. -AT- Wr. Neustadt | Triebwerk w/Sweet Empire
So. 18.9. -AT- Oberwart | OHO w/Sweet Empire

Alright, see you soon everbody!

Punkrock Summer! Almost.

Hey there!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the 15th anniversary party of our beloved youth center Triebwerk last Saturday. We had a great evening and we hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did. I think I don’t even need to tell you about how good Rentokill were, and how glad we are to have been able to share stages with these dudes once again after they decided to take a break about one year ago. In case you missed out on the whole thing or in case you were there and crave to see pictures of yourself on the internet check out these lovely photographs by Bernhard WimAir right here. There’s also going to be a video documentary of the festival, featuring interviews with us and a bunch of other bands, we’ll let you know where to find it once it’s online!

Other news: Our new Album is currently being mastered by our buddy Nico van Montfort.  Nico used to play in the amazing Dutch Melodic Hardcore outfit Smash The Statues and has recently done a stellar job recording bands such as  This Routine Is Hell. Check out the two new songs they have up to convince yourself of not only the band’s greatness but also of Nico’s excellent craftmanship! TRISH are by the way playing at the Triebwerk Wiener Neustadt next Saturday the 21st of May and it’s going to be fierce for sure.

Our next show is happening on Tuesday the 24th of May at Sub Graz together with the awesome Bangers (UK) and Igel Vs. Shark. Lots and lots of great music coming up as you see! Let’s hang out and punk-ab together in a voll-poppy manner!

Show today, picking up the final mixdown tomorrow

Good morning everybody!

A last reminder: We’re playing in Vienna tonight, together with No Trigger and The Eccos. It’s going to be fun, i suppose you really don’t wanna miss this.

And after that we’ve still got quite a busy week ahead. We’re back at the Stress Studio in Graz tomorrow to pick up the final mixdowns of the new record and we’re hopefully going to finish the artwork the next day. Sweet!


Hello everybody and welcome to our new website/blog! From now on we’re going to focus on this lovely page as primary means of communication for our band, we hope you like it. So what’s new?

First things first: We’re going on tour again in September! Here is the preliminary routing, we’d be super stoked if you could help us out with one of the dates. Please get in touch at soey_official [at] or sausageparty [at]

Fr 2.9. – GER/AT-
Sa 3.9. – GER-
So 4.9. -NL-
Mo 5.9. -NL/BE-
Di 6.9. -UK-
Mi 7.9. -UK-
Do 8.9. -UK-
Fr 9.9. -UK-
Sa 10.9. -UK-
So 11.9. -UK-
Mo 12.9. -UK-
Di 13.9. -BE/NL-
Mi 14.9. -NL/FR- show tba
Do 15.9. -NL/FR-
Fr. 16.9. -FR/D-
Sa. 17.9. – AT- Wiener Neustadt

Our upcoming album „headwind“ is almost finished. A few more vocal lines will be recorded next weekend and then we’re pretty much good to go. It’s coming along nicely and we’re all pretty stoked as you can guess. The release is scheduled for September! Furthermore we spent today’s evening at our friend Bertl’s place working on the cover for the album. You probably know Bertl, he swings drumsticks and pencils for Rentokill. You can expect a preview  of the cover right here soon 😉

We also got a few nice shows coming up in April, May and June, check out the dates on the right. By the way, we do have tickets for the show with No trigger in Vienna on the 19th of April. So in case you’d rather get them from us personally than at the presale send us a message at soey_official [at]