soey are:
walli – vocals/guitar
heino – vocals/bass
hirschi – guitar/b.vocals
domi – drums

soey is a collective of punkrock musicians settled around the city of wiener neustadt in eastern austria. picking up the most fundamental of all punk-ethics, unconventionality, we try to play music that is energetic without bending down in front of pointlessness and dogmatism, considering both, music and lyrics. this is what we’re all about, this is what makes and keeps music exciting: creativity and content. challenging expectations. travelling and meeting people and friends. having fun. if you had to describe our music you might probably get the best match by “melodic punk with post hardcore influences”. think of building on a base of melodic hardcorepunk by the likes of old rise against or propagandhi extended with some posthardcore and experimentalism.
this is not some sort of purchased fashionable rebellion. there is no need for alternative music, when the only things that are delivered are conservative ideas and a consumption-based lifestyle. we see ourselves as part of the anti-sexist, gay-positive, anti-fascist, animal-friendly and ecological-sustainable movement.