Austrian Tour With 7YBL, Headwind Out Now On Vinyl!

We’re looking back on an amazing weekend full of good food and two shows with Dead To Me. These guys are great and their new album is on heavy rotation in our headquarters at the moment, as you can guess. Really worth checking out.

Thanks to all of you coming out early and watching us play. And massive thanks are due to Cis who was kind enough to lend us his van and join us on these two shows and Maily who took care of the sound and brought on the Jazz. We’re amazed at the amount of nice people that have joined us on any of our journeys so far, taking days off from work or studies in order to spent their time either freezing or sweating their brains out together with us in a van. Here’s to all of them!

Furthermore we’re happy to announce the next shows with our friends in 7yearsbadluck! Come out and party with us!

AND you are now able to purchase our latest album on beautiful transparent orange vinyl. Check out the Laserlife Records store or simply drop by at one of our shows.

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