Cause products have always bred fashion and the fashionable. The kind of people who’d say „advertising’s the only real art form these days“ when an actual human being would say „that shit just gets in my way“.

The show last night was a lot of fun. Bangers blew me away and so does their new record Small Pleasures. You should get it too.

Here and here are some pictures of the show. Thanks to Daniel and Robert!

Regarding our band, the tour in September is slowly taking shape but we’re still in need of a couple of shows, especially UK dates. Please get in touch if you want to help out in any kind of way! or

Fr 2.9. -AT- Salzburg | Rockhouse Bar
Sa 3.9. – NL- Heerlen | café bluff w/The Liberation Service
Mo 5.9. -UK- NEED HELP!
Di 6.9. -UK- Bristol | The Croft
Mi 7.9. -UK- Norwich | Marquee
Do 8.9. -UK- Edinburgh | The Banshee Labyrinth w/shields up!
Fr 9.9. -UK- Macclesfield | The Swan with two necks w/shields up!
Sa 10.9. -UK- NEED HELP! w/shields up!
So 11.9.  -UK- NEED HELP! South-UK
Mo 12.9. -FR- Le Havre | Mac Daid’s w/the living daylights
Di 13.9. -NL- Heemskerk | Cafe Lokaal w/Sweet Empire
Mi 14.9. -NL- Eindhoven | Cafe Aloys w/Sweet Empire
Do 15.9. -NL/DE- NEED HELP! w/Sweet Empire
Fr. 16.9. -D- Regensburg | Alte Mälzerei – w/Nothington
Sa. 17.9. -AT- Wr. Neustadt | Triebwerk w/Sweet Empire
So. 18.9. -AT- Oberwart | OHO w/Sweet Empire

Alright, see you soon everbody!

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